JRS has a staff experienced in physical and occupational therapy, as well as exercise physiology, and ergonomic assessments. We provide services to employers that offer an alternative to the "same old way" of managing worker's comp on the back end.

By becoming a licensee of the WorkSTEPS®employment testing program for new hires and continuing to provide other services to facilitate a return to work of injured workers (Job Analysis, Work Conditioning, Functional Capacity Evaluations), it became our mission to be THEsource for assisting employers to implement an effective HIRE to RETIRE program for their employees.


Returning to Work After an Injury

Return to work after an injury

No one hires a new person for a job expecting them to be injured. You choose your new hire carefully, through a combination of interviewing and post-offer testing, knowing that they are able to perform the essential duties of the position without risking themselves or others. So when the unthinkable happens, and one of your employees is injured, it can be incredibly stressful for both you and the injured worker.

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How to be Sure You’re Hiring the Right Person

employment testing

Every employer knows how important it is to hire the right person to fill a vacancy. It takes time and money to evaluate and train a new hire, and if you end up choosing the wrong person, it will take even more time and money to evaluate and train a new person to fulfill that role.

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If I Had A Dollar For Every Time…

Pre-employment testings

We’ve all said this very thing about some recurrent theme in our lives. The one theme I continually hear from employers is how they cannot afford to test their new hires. The same reasons are heard over and over again, and I can repeat them from heart...

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