Continuing Education Courses

gearThe following presentations are currently approved by Prometric for "general insurance" CEU's, but are eligible for CEU's for other organizations, too. Call Job Ready for further information.

Controlling Worker's Comp Costs:
How Baseline Affects Bottom Line (1 hour) – Learn about how functional testing at the post-offer stage of employment can reduce worker's comp costs by 50%-80% and can prevent work-related injuries. Learn about the ADA and EEOC guidelines for functional testing and how a testing program can help existing injured or ill employees return to work.

Reducing Work Disability - Return to Work and Stay at Work Programs (1 hour):
Learn how to effectively manage worker's compensation risk and reduce disability by implementing Stay at Work programs and Return to Work programs. Learn the difference between the two programs and which is more effective in reducing absenteeism following a workplace injury. Learn about valid vs. invalid medical reasons for absence. Learn about current strategies to prevent disability, reduce lost days and develop protocols and pathways to reduce time out of work. Learn about the benefits of "hiring for safety" to prevent workplace injuries.

Age and Ergonomics (1 hour):
Learn about modifications needed for the aging workforce. Vision, hearing and physical demands change as we age – modifications to the work station may not only prevent injuries in the workplace, but will also allow our workers to stay in the workplace longer without long-term consequences.

The NEW FCE: Evidence-Based Sincerity of Effort Testing (1 hour):
Learn how you can objectively determine whether someone is being compliant with their rehab process. New testing is available which is 99.5% reliable in determining sincerity of effort. Learn more about this cross-referencing testing program which is incorporated into FCE's.

The ABC's of FCE's(1 hour):
Learn the components of the Functional Capacity Evaluation; when to refer for FCE; how to read a FCE report and most importantly, what to do with an invalid FCE. Learn about new technology to test sincerity of effort.

Work Conditioning: Putting the Work into Rehabilitation – (1 hour):
Learn the difference between work hardening and work conditioning; when to refer for work conditioning; what happens in work conditioning and why work conditioning is often more beneficial than an FCE.

Job Site Visits: The Keystone for Safe Return to Work(1 hour):
Learn when and why to do a job site visit; learn why a job analysis is the foundation for the return to work of injured workers and how it can assist in the early RTW of injured workers. Learn what can be accomplished in job site visits, including job analysis, safety training, mediation; ergonomic assessments and risk analysis.