Job Ready Services 0270Post Offer, Pre-Placement testing consists of:

• Medical interview of past medical history, including past work comp claims and injuries
• Cardiovascular status, including recovery condition, risk profile, blood pressure, and heart rate.
• Musculoskeletal evaluation (head to toe) including assessments of range of motion, strength, posture, and joint integrity, performed by a Physical or Occupational Therapist.
• Lifting test for evaluation of the strength of the back and extremities, with analysis for deficits and/or abnormalities.
• Risk profile for "over-use" syndrome (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome).
• Job specific or job simulation components. Candidate's ability to perform the physical components of the job is tested. Also includes instruction in proper body mechanics & lifting techniques.
• Baseline medical information including pre-existing conditions, strength, flexibility and range of motion status is kept in a database for possible future use should the employee experience an injury.


But, it doesn't stop there...
Staying legally compliant is a priority for both WorkSTEPS and Job Ready. Federal employment laws are constantly monitored and appropriate changes are made to the testing program in order to continue to ensure legal compliance.

The cost of this test is the same (sometimes less) than the cost of ONE doctor's visit!

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