Job Analysis

An accurate job description is the foundation for safe return to work and can even prevent injuries. Job descriptions must contain the physical demands of the essential functions of the job.

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Which job description do you think is more accurate?:

1. Worker must be able to lift 50 lbs or more.
2. Worker must be able to lift 90 lbs from floor to 48", carry 25 ft and place onto 40" high shelf with a 12" reach to simulate maneuvering and storing jack hammer.

In the first example, how much does the employee really have to lift? 51 lbs or 102 lbs? "Or more" is not clear or accurate in describing the physical demands of this job.

An accurate, EEOC-compliant job description should:

• Be valid and reflect the actual job
• Properly identify the essential functions of the job
• Accurately measure the physical demands required in the essential functions
•Identify risk factors
• Indentify opportunities for modified/transitional duty

Job Ready has Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists on staff to complete accurate job analyses and determine the true physical demands of the job. Without this basic foundation, the physical safety of new hires to perform the job cannot be determined. Conversely, lost time days will needlessly increase for injured workers when the physical demands of the job cannot be matched with the physical capacities of the worker.

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Contact Job Ready for more information on updating your job descriptions to accurately reflect the physical demands and reduce your injuries and lost time.