Work Conditioning: Rehab That WORKS!

Job Ready Services 0370Work Conditioning is:

A structured, DAILY program consisting of:

• Physical Conditioning
• Ergonomics Training
• Safe work practice education
• Self-treatment instruction on how to handle inevitable flare-ups at work and prevent re-injury
• An integral step in the physical recovery of the injured worker
• Individualized training based on the worker's specific job

Work Conditioning is NOT:

• Continuation of Physical or Occupational Therapy
• A two – three day per week program
• Work Hardening (there is a difference!)

Previous studies have indicated that someone who has been out of work for 6 months has only a 50% probability of returning to work. However, current studies are showing that the time out of work is only 6 weeks when the probability of return to work is reduced by 50%!

When to Refer for Work Conditioning:

• Injured worker's treatment is complete or plateaued, but has not been released to return to work
• After an invalid FCE - work conditioning will determine sustainability and allow the worker an opportunity to practice work tasks & gain confidence to return to work.
• After a Fit for Duty exam has indicated a deficit which prevents the employee from returning to work safely.

For more information about how work conditioning can prevent the need for an FCE and promote a successful return to work earlier, contact us: or call our office: 919-256-1400.